leave something good behind

Here's are a few of my favorite products that I use just about everyday...links to these little treasures are at the bottom of this page!

1. Madewell Passport Holder/Wallet 

Since I am always having to carry my passport around to show identification for purchases, this wallet/passport holder combo is super handy to have around. Not only is it leather and super durable, but it's stylish and sleek to fit into any bag.

2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (oil free)

I can't say enough good things about this product! I am not a huge fan of foundations that feel heavy or tacky on my face, so when a friend introduced me to this product I was super excited. Being a moisturizer, this product is super hydrating (not oily at all), and because of the tint, it provides a super natural coverage. Another perk to this product is that its packed with an SPF 20! Skin cancer runs in my family, so having that extra protection built into something I put on my face daily is a sweet little bonus!

3. Fitbit Charge

It's no secret that while touring around in Italy, you are walking quite a bit. With my Fitbit charge I am able to keep track of all of my steps/milage/calorie burn/flights of stair climbed. You get the point. When I was in Venice, I walked close to 8 miles, climbed 34 flights of stairs, and took 18,000 steps! I also love that with the goals I set on my Fitbit, it encourages me to work out and stay active.

4. Nena & Co. Small Carryall Bag

I got my Nena bag right before I left for a trip to Japan. Honestly the greatest bag to travel with! The colorful, heavy duty fabric,  e a s i l y  endures the hustle and bustle of airports. This bag also comes with a comfy leather cross-body strap making it totally hands-free. Don't let the word SMALL throw you off. This baby packs plenty of space, enough where I can store my camera, wallet, and the 15 chapsticks I always have tumbling around. Another super awesome thing about this company is that all of the products are hand-made in Guatemala. Not only guaranteeing a 100% authentic and one of a kind bag, but they are also providing employment for so many and are constantly giving back.

5. Aquaphor

I had a friend introduce me to Aquaphor about 3 years ago,  and let me tell you, this is the holy grail of all lip balms. Game changer.  I always have this stuff on hand during the dry winter months! Every night I coat my lips in a generous layer before bed, and I always wake up with soft hydrated lips. You can find Aquaphor at just about any grocery store or pharmacy. This tube is about 2 oz (50g) so it lasts forever, plus it gives you a nice little shine.